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tamilRockers website is the most notorious portal to watch the latest Indian films on the initial release day. This is the largest and well-known portal to download pirated movies. Almost millions of movies in HD, DVDrip, and Blueray, etc formats are streamed through this portal.

This site is known for its piracy infection on the release date itself. The recent movie SAHOO – from the Tollywood industry has been infected to piracy within a few hours of its initial release. There was lot’s of buzz and made into headlines.

But have you ever wondered how tamilrockers website gets a pirated copy? Have you ever taught why do these people infect movies? If so, why can’t the owners get arrested? Here in this post, we share with you all information related to it.

tamilRockers Latest Tamilrockers New Link Tamil movies

Tamilrockers is the pirated portal to download latest movies in HD: tamilrockers.com infects Telugu, Hindi, English, Tamil, Malayalam, and etc lingual movies online to download for free.

So How Does TAMILROCKERS Infects Latest Movies?

In general, there are two most common ways to get a movie. The first common path is through BRIBING the theater owners. A movie based on its popularity gets sold by a theatre owner in 1 – 25 lakhs INR.

The other way tamilrockers get a pirated copy is through hacking the servers. This helps them to grab an HD print. All the movies released are stored in few servers online. Which are then secured and restricted to few selected theatre owners.

Then those movie links are shared to theatres on the day of the initial release or one day before in a common cause. In those time, hackers and other internal staff grab a copy using those links and share them or sells to the owners of these pirated movie portals.

How Does TamilRockers Earn Money?

You might have encountered a plethora of pop-up ads and redirections. whenever you made a click on these pirated sites. Those are nothing but ADS which generates some buck whenever the user makes a click.

Unlike these Native Advertisements, a plethora of new monetization methods has been introduced. Link Selling, Traffic Redirection, Lead Generation and much more have come into existence which generates million dollars every month.

Why Can’t GOVERNMENT Block Their Site?

Any website which is online needs a hosting server. These servers are bought in those countries where there is freedom to piracy. In countries like INDIA, there is a plethora of legal action against piracy. So when a pirated site gets hosted on different country makes the Indian officials tougher to block their server. Apart from it, the URL’s and IP addresses are being blocked from the Indian ISP’s.

Meanwhile, all the top-level domains which are being used by the tamilrockers portal are registered using fake information. also the payment transaction they make are done using bitcoin and other digital carding methods. This puts police and other officials into tougher situations finding the real admin.

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