Ranu Mondal’s Viral Video Makes Himesh Reshammiya Respond

Ranu Mondal’s Viral Video Makes Himesh Reshammiya Respond
Ranu Mondal’s Viral Video Makes Himesh Reshammiya Respond

After giving her a chance to sing for his upcoming movie – which went viral. Himesh has finally responded to this massive love to ranu from all across India. In his words, he expressed why he was impressed by her vocals.

Almost every Indian have got attached with RANU’s melodious voice now. With her singing video – which went viral overnight made her another social media star. Thereby Bollywood star singer HIMESH RESHAMMIYA gave her a debut chance to sing in the title of his upcoming movie track “TERI MERI KAHAANI“. A small glimpse of this song was recorded from the studio and was posted to some social media platform. This vent rapidly viral and her voice from TERI MERI KAHAANI is almost everywhere now. Now after a long time since he gave her the chance, Himesh had spoken about ranu mandal.

With the huge success of the lyrics, Himesh shared his emotions on instagram which was posted on Ranu’s fan page. In the video, Himesh offered his thanks for ATINDRA JI especially. This was for supporting RANU Ji in her tough time. Also for helping the whole industry with her voice.

Himesh also thanked everyone for supporting his song ‘Teri Meri Kahaani’. After making a sensation all across the social media platforms, ranu is now busy signing offers and debuts. Knowing about her popularity and the following. A plethora of fan pages are being created by spammers all across the social networks.

Ranu has faced hell number of difficulties in her past life. She used to sing in a corner to earn bucks which used to help cover her hunger. She also said that she used to use everything which got for her in exchange for her vocals. After living that tough life for 10 years, ranu is now another star.

Ranu Mondal Wiki

SingerRanu Mondal
BirthNovember 5, 1960
Husbandpast mondal
Star StatusOvernight Star
tv showsSa Re Ga Ma Pa
DebutTeri Meri kahani
ChildrenDaugher -
ranu mondal daughter
ranu mondal daughter


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