Ranu Mondal’s FAKE Headlines Reports – Fake News Making RANU To The Headline

News Portals Make Rumored Headlines About Singer Ranu Mondal 
News Portals Make Rumored Headlines About Singer Ranu Mondal 

She used to sing in a corner at Ranaghat Railway Station. Upon noticing her vocals, a boy uploaded her video which went viral all across the social media platforms. Thereby she got to know by every Indian as another overnight star.

Upon noticing her clones with Latha Mangeshkar, Singer Himesh Reshammiya gave her a debut chance in Bollywood to sing for his upcoming movie’s title track ‘Teri Meri Kahani’. Even this made Ranu’s voice spread each corner of Indian states. This frequency made her bring back her daughter SWATHI.

News Portals Make Rumored Headlines About Singer Ranu Mondal 

As per the reports, Bollywood star actor Salman Khan has donated 55 Lakh Rupee flat for her. Also gave her his full support to enter into Bollywood film industry and into other reality shows.

Tough there were any reasons of Salmans gift. But there is a gossip that the gift of Salman and his support for RANU are fake. To make his instagram post viral, a fan page admin of this Bollywood actor shared fake info. But the fact is SALMAN haven’t met RANU yet.

Also, there were rumors that she got an offer to enter into Big Boss Season 13. Which is also completely fake. Then after there were rumors spread that she bought a car worth of 15 lakh rupees, which is again manipulating the news.

The only help ranu got from the film industry is through HIMESH. It is official that RANU got 7Lakh Rupees for singing 2 songs to HIMES’s upcoming movie. Also, she got a plethora of love and support from people all across India and other places.

Afterall, a plethora of people has been using her fame for their own benefits. Massive amount of FAKE FAN PAGES on Facebook, Instagram and on other social networks are being created.

While talking about ranu, she had spent almost 10 years in the darkness of poverty. Apart from begging for no cause, she borrowed whatever she got in exchange for her vocal at ranaghat railway station which was the path of this another powerful singer.


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