Ranu Mondal Supports To Make A Film On Her Life Journery

Ranu Mondal Supports To Make A Film On Her Life Journery
Ranu Mondal Supports To Make A Film On Her Life Journery

Ek Pyar Ka Nagma Hai: Platform singer ranu mondal is more than a star now. After hen entry into bollywood as a singer, she agrees to design a film on of her life journey.

After being a social media star, ranu has sung two songs for Himesh Reshammiya’s upcoming movie. These videos from the studio itself went viral again, which made her on the top of each headline. After getting a lot of fame and support ranu revealed something about her life.

She got birth in a good family 60 years ago. By misfortune, she got separated from her parents. Later she got tied to a cook who used to work for Feroz Khan – an 80’s bollywood actor. When she moved from west bengal to mumbai cracks started to emerge in her family. Which also made the struggle of living tough.

In a live session through facebook, ranu expressed that her life was too tougher. Which is not many cloners to a film story. She agrees if any of the director steps to make a BIOPIC of her life. It will be much more special attachment of her life.

Not so recent she became a social media star by singing ‘Ek Pyar Ka Nagma Hai’ – from Latha Mangeshkar. Which went as viral as air could travel. The video got noticed by a plethora of music composers and directors among which Himesh Reshammiya gave her a debut chance.

Ranu Mondal Early Life

She said that she was born in a good family. Due to fate, she got separated from her parents at the age of 6 months. His grandmother was the one who took care of her. We have a house in which i used to play lonely. Later singing became her hobby. She used to sing according to the circumstances. Rather loved to sing, so she used to sing regularly. Using radio and some observations, she started to sing closely to Latha Mangeshkar.

SingerRanu Mondal
BirthNovember 5, 1960
Husbandpast mondal
Star StatusOvernight Star
tv showsSa Re Ga Ma Pa
DebutTeri Meri kahani
ChildrenDaugher -
ranu mondal daughter
ranu mondal daughter


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