JIOFIBER Broadband Review

JIOFIBER Broadband Review
JIOFIBER Broadband Review

Currently, there is no commercial rollout till 5th of September 2019. So we got to pay 4500 Rs for the router and installation charges. But the benefit is there is no monthly bill as of now. It is that for these 3 months we won’t be charged. Once the commercial rollout publishes than the monthly rental charges will be made.

JIO Broadband Review

Being FIBER right now the speeds of the broadband are upto 100Mbps. It is said to us that after the commercial rollout of the service, the speeds will be increased to 1Gbps. As shown in the below image the fiber box is connected to the router. And the router displays a green LED LIGHT which upon an interruption changes its color to red etc.

JIOFIBER Broadband Review
JIOFIBER Broadband Review

JIO Fibernet Pros

After a couple of hours of use, Im pretty impressed with the speed offered by jio. Here we divided the pro’s in a few different terms as follows:

#1 Fiber To Home

Unlike to plethora other cable providers, JIO Fibernet offers FIBER CABLE TO YOUR HOME. Which is also known that fiber has a lot more bandwidth than any other traditional cable connection.

#2 Router

The router which they have provided is pretty much advanced in technical specifications. It has Dual Band Wifi and comes loaded with 2GHZ processor. The LAN ports available on this router supports 3Gbps speed.

We won’t be mentioning the speed of the bandwidth. It’s because the speed varies from the way you use the fiber connection. If you use it through a wifi router then the speed varies a lot lower than the regular LAN connection.

Another best feature of JIO FIBER is that Within the myJIO application you can have a look at the data limits, recharge, and voucher, etc. Also in the future JIO might provide a Cable Television cables attached to the Router Box.

JIO Fibernet Cons

Similar to the pros here we divided the cons into various sections as follows:

#1 Ping Rate

We made a plethora of speed test upon which we have noticed that the PING rate bounces from 30milli seconds to anywhere 60 milliseconds. On every speed test, it bounces differently.

#2 IP Address

There is no fixed IP Address for the router box. Which means that the outsiders cannot ping your jio fiber router. Tough this is not a big deal for basic users, It impacts to those who host a server in their households. As if now these features and port forwarding features aren’t available. It is to be expected after the Commercial Launch.

#3 Mobile Experience

If you want to enjoy the real experience of JIO FIBER, Then you have to own high-frequency smartphones like upto 5GHZ. Those midranges and the budget range mobile do not support the high-frequency band.


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