[tutorial] JIO Fiber Landline Connection Setup For FREE Calling

JIO Fiber Landline Connection Setup For FREE Calling
JIO Fiber Landline Connection Setup For FREE Calling

JIOFIBER comes loaded with free and unlimited voice calling. JIOFIXEDVOICE services can be set up to make unlimited local and std calls for free. Here through this quick guide, we share the setup method to connect your landline phone through jiofiber.

Setup JIO FIBER Landline

Firstly Login to myJIO application with your Fiber Net account. Open MyJIO app on your device > Click Link New Account > Select GIGA FIBER and Putin the jiofiber registered mobile and submit the OTP. Now you have to open the same FIBER NET account on the MyJIO app. Then buy a plan.

Now you’ll get a JIO FIXED VOICE number via text message. Its says “Just connect a landline phone to the RJ-11 port of your JIOFIBER router and enjoy voice calling. You can also make voice and video calls using JIOFIXEDVOICE number on your smartphone via the ‘JIOCALL’ app.” Connect the RJ-11 landline port from the JIO ROUTER to your landline phone.

Setup JIO FIBER Landline
Setup JIO FIBER Landline

That’s it – there you go. Once the cable connection is setup you can enjoy unlimited calling at no extra packs. Also, connect your smartphone to your JIO Router and open Jio Call app. The app itself detects the DEFAULT MOBILE NUMBER of that particular JIO ROUTER and helps you make unlimited calls through WIFI. This is completely a unique feature offered by jio. Using that particular landline number offered by JIO – helps you make unlimited local and std calls for free. But the thing which you need with default is the connection With JIO ROUTER.

With a single jio router’s fixed voice service, unlimited mobile devices can be connected and make calls. Which means that all your family members can enjoy jio voice services at a time.

Upon connecting a landline port also you can make calls through a smartphone using the default jio fixed voice number. For those who have set-up a landline phone to your JIOFIBER router – then make sure to put the phone on TONE as it won’t work in pulse mode.


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