Atindra Clarifies Salman Khan’s RUMORS of Gifting Ranu Mondal 55 Lakh House

Atindra Clarifies Salman Khan’s RUMORS of Gifting Ranu Mondal 55 Lakh House
Atindra Clarifies Salman Khan’s RUMORS of Gifting Ranu Mondal 55 Lakh House

There is a lot of news all across that Ranu Mondal was gifted 55 Lakh Home from Salman Khan. But these reports have been stricken by Atindra. He says ranu got no gifts apart from offers.

Atindra was the one who uploaded RANU MONDALS video from ranaghat railway station. Soon after the publishment, the video went viral all across the social platforms. Every Indian came to notice her hidden talent. and gave their full support to her.

After posting her video on the social platform. Atindra Chakraborty started to take care of her and begun to assist her in every moment. One such news went viral that Salman khan had gifted 55 lakh flat. And also rumors were spread that she got an offer to sing in Dabang 3 also.

Atindra Chakraborty – Ranu Mondal’s Manager

Atindra who is now working as her manager has denied all these as rumors. He clarified that apart from the offer of ‘Teri Meri Kahani’ ranu got nothing. Himesh was the only actor who supported ranu. Atindra told that this is all false news. Neither Salman Khan has given him a house nor has he got an offer in any film. In fact, Ranaghat local administration has given a home to … Ranu Mandal. Let me tell you that the channel which has given them a chance to perform live .. together with the local administration, has also helped in making the Aadhaar card of Ranu.

When Atindra was asked about the offer being received by Ranu Mandal, he said that ‘We got a call from AR Rahman’s office a day before. Sonu Nigam also wants to sing with Ranu Mandal. Right now we are paying attention to it.

In an interview, Ranu Mandal said, ‘It is nice to see that people are loving me and want to work with me. Ranu said Atindra is watching all my work. It is very difficult to understand all this at this age. I do not even have a phone, so they are guiding me. He is taking care of me like my son.

Ranu further says that ‘be it good days or bad days, music has always inspired me. I love the song. This is the only thing I can do. Lata Ji’s songs always inspire me. Until Atindra had not made my video, my life was very difficult.

Let us tell you that before making his mark in Bollywood, Ranu Mandal used to raise his stomach by singing a song .. at Ranaghat railway station in West Bengal. But now one of his videos has made him an overnight superstar.


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