[ALERT] ARITEL PAYMENTS Bank – Here’s How I Got Scammed By Airtel


Launched in 2016 September, AIRTEL PAYMENTS BANK targets Indian consumers. Also known as Bharti Airtel was the first Indian company to receive a digital banking license from the Reserve Bank Of India. But the company rolls out a dis wonderful support and scams its customers. Below is my story, Airtel Bank Scammed Me Of Rs 760 with the utmost huckery support.

Airtel Payments Bank Scam EXPOSED!

Earlier this month ie in august 2019 i wanted to move my PayTm bank cash to a secure place for shopping. After a couple of research online i got to trust on Airtel Payment Bank – As it provides instant KYC approval which is mandatory for any digital wallet for Indian customers.

So i went using my dad’s airtel number and signed up for an airtel payment bank account. Everything went fine but in a hurry, i have submitted my aadhar number for the KYC. This was the faulty step of my research. In general, the airtel number which was registered using a specific document proof – that particular document proof will be used to verify its bank’s KYC. (I dint got to know this reason at the first)

Thereafter i made a transaction from my PayTm Bank Acc -> The Airtel Payment Bank. Till this second everything went fine. The payments bank from airtel accepted the transaction and added Rs 762 into the payment bank. (First, i added 2 Rupees as a test then i proceeded to add 760 rupees to the airtel bank account.)

Airtel Payments Bank Scam
Airtel Payments Bank Scam

After a couple of days, when i used the Virtual Debit Card attached to my airtel payment bank account i wasn’t able to make the payment. Even i wasn’t able to transfer money to other Airtel Payment Bank wallets of my friends nor i was able to use the bank transfer feature. Ther error “ATTENTION! This service is temporarily unavailable. You can continue using your Airtel Money wallet for recharges, bill payments and shopping.” used to popup. Thereafter i tried to pay using AIRTEL QR Scanner but failer to make the payments.

Now it was time to contact the airtel payment bank customer care service. After googling the phrase, i got “400” and “8800688006” were the mobile numbers. BUT TRUST ME, From here the actual scam start. Both of these contact numbers are automated services. We don’t get any personal help through these contacts. These mobile contact numbers are made to fool RBI that they have the caller care service to help their customers. But the fact is that Apart from the AUTOMATED VOICE we won’t get approached to a personal customer care member to raiser our query.

Thereafter i hunted this email “wecare@airtelbank.com” which is the official mail service to solve customers queries. Then i share all the info about the TRANSACTION ISSUES of the bank account on  Wed, 14 Aug, 17:47.

Airtel Payments Bank Scam
Airtel Payments Bank Scam

Within a couple of minutes later i get an automated reply saying that “We acknowledge receipt of your e-mail and reference ID for your complaint/ query/ suggestion is mentioned in the subject line. We shall respond to you with an update within 2 working days.”

Days passed and finally, i got a reply from them saying that there was a PAYMENT TRANSACTION HOLD on my account. To remove this HOLD i have to submit all the documents of proof along with the Incamed Money Statement From The Bank.

So i have collected all the GOVT Documented proofs of my dad, shared to airtel mail service as the attachments. But this time i got no proper help. SO i tweeted about the issue on twitter tagging the official AIRTEL BANK’s Twitter account.

Finally, this continued till the date and yet i dint even got a proper response from their side. Nor even they made a call to my day regarding the issue. With frustation, i started to tweet daily regarding the issue and the Airtel payments [CASE:3871668].

After making trails for at least ten days they made an update to my cases “Airtel payments [CASE:3871668] [CASE:3880149] update [CASE:3899794]”. But yet dint received any call from them.

Airtel Payments Bank Scam
Airtel Payments Bank Scam

Each time i approach for help, they just reply saying ” I see there’s a temporary hold on the ability to do transactions as we want to secure your account with additional identification & verification of document. I request you to share with us a scanned copy of your POA [Proof of address]/POI [Proof of identity] and copy of credit card/ debit card last 3 months statement or more with your name & bank name mentioned on statement confirming the last web load transaction done at wecare@airtelbank.com. Post successful receipt of the required documents, restrictions will be lifted in 2 working days. We will reach out to you if need be. Thank you – Vinaya” BUT I NEVER GOT A PROPER CUSTOMER SERVICE FROM THEM.

Tweets To Airtel Payment Bank

Is RBI Involved with Airtel Bank’s Scam?

Though the heading might be illegal to post, i cant backstep to make my mind think of it. As this is because In automated email response form airtel payments i got this message at the end. saying that “In case, your complaint is not resolved within 30 days or not satisfied with the resolution, you may reach out to the concerned Banking Ombudsman under whose jurisdiction you are located. For details visit www.bankingombudsman.rbi.org.in

Airtel Payments Bank Scam
Airtel Payments Bank Scam

So i tried visiting this link “http://www.bankingombudsman.rbi.org.in/” but the results of the webpage blazed me. This particular ULR is down! How can an RBI’s Subdomain which is being provided customer feedback is down? (Being a techie i tries using a VPN and PROXY to open the site but failed.)

Airtel Payments Bank Scam
Airtel Payments Bank Scam


My approaches through tweets and emails will be continued. I won’t be hesitating to tag RBI and other Indian Officials in the tweets and another source. Finally, customer support is the basic need of any business firm. Without a proper approach to the business team, how can we customers believe in their service?


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