After Himesh, Ranu Mandal Gets Another Offer From This Singer

After Himesh, Ranu Mandal Gets Another Offer From This Singer
After Himesh, Ranu Mandal Gets Another Offer From This Singer

Bollywood singer Himesh Reshammiya has given an extraordinary debut to RANU MANDAL which is already known. She had mesmerized millions of Indians with her melodious voice. Now another singer from BHOJPURI came to collab with ranu.

This overnight platform star have changed her FATE against her VOICE. Performing at West Bengals railway station for her food, her vocals have been attached to millions of Indians out there. This social media star have been receiving tons of offers continuously.

PRADEEP PANDEY CHINTU – Bhojpuri singer had offered ranu to debut into Bhojpuri film industry with her melodious voice. He said “Ranu is in the heart of everyone now. The speed of voice waves is too high. Now i want to work for a Bhojpuri song with her.”

He further wanted to offer RANU sing in his films too! This movement will also help ranu Mandal gain huge popularity in Bhojpuri film industry also. Though there are no proper strategies of debuting RANU – however, fans will encourage her. he said.

Earlier RANU used to sing on railway platforms. At ranaghat railway station located in west bengal, she used to perform her vocal. Which were uploaded to social media networks by a stranger ATINDRA CHAKRABORTY. which went viral and made ranu another overnight social media star.

After watching that viral video – Bollywood singer HIMESH got attached to her voice and offered her to sing “TERI MERI KHANAI”. Which is the title track of his upcoming movie. The whole nation gave huge support to RANU MONDAL.

SingerRanu Mondal
BirthNovember 5, 1960
Husbandpast mondal
Star StatusOvernight Star
tv showsSa Re Ga Ma Pa
DebutTeri Meri kahani
ChildrenDaugher -
ranu mondal daughter
ranu mondal daughter


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